Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Technology log

I started my 24 hour technology log 12am Monday morning when I went to sleep.
5:30am- wake up from alarm on phone, sit up look at my phone (10 min)
6:00am-8:00am (wall ball test, listened to music the whole time, and looked at my phone when I changed songs)
8:05am-8:10am checked my emails
8:10am-8:30am get changed go to breakfast
8:30am-9:10am ate breakfast looked at my phone once every ten
9:10am-10:30am go to class and look at projections for 30 minutes
10:40am - 12:00pm go to class and use laptop and phone the whole time
12:00pm-12:30pm go to arc to stretch and play wall ball. looked at phone to check time on it. (4 min)
Drove car to lunch (5 min)
1:49 pm-wake up from weird timed alarm I set. Look at phone for (5 min)
2:00pm-2:30pm: listened to music while in the arc (30 min)
3:00pm-5:15pm practice
Drove to class (5min)
6:00pm-7:00 pm did homework on laptop
Drove back(5min)
9:20pm-9:30pm Talked on the phone (10 min)
10:30pm-12:00am homework on laptop

 I averaged out how much I use my phone and figured I used it about 2 hours extra out of the day. It's crazy how much I use technology throughout my day. Doing this made me realize how reliant we are on technology. It's become a part of who we are as a modern society and we're so unconscious to how much we rely on it and how much technology runs our lives.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

First reading

The artist I chose was Charles Csuri, a traditional painter who latter turned to digital art.  I was interested in his work for how he described digital art.  He related the way he works in different mediums as learning a new language. When he was a painter the language was smooth or harsh brush strokes to depict a certain emotion.  In digital art the language was the logical code that he used to make his pieces.  He said that it took time to learn the language of digital art and questioned weather what he did had the same effect on an audience as it did when he was a painter.  His digital art is expressive but he questions what is so expressive about it when the process of making it is so mathematical and logical.  I found it very interesting how he described the process of making his art.  At first you must learn the "language" of digital art and then you'll be able to form the creative ideas from the logical coding part of digital media.  

digital art

Being a computer science major I have to learn many different languages to code in.  Every semester that I have been here I have have had to code in one or multiple different languages. When I have a big project I'm working on the only thing that I think about after I'm finishied working on a part of the project is how I will code the next section.  I start thinking in whatever language that I'm coding unconsciously until I figure out a possible solution to the next part of my problem.  I think that what Csuri said about thinking in whatever medium one is working in is completely true.  His work is fascinating because being able to code something and make it turn out into one of these abstract pieces takes a vast amount of knowledge about coding.  Being able to think in a mathematical frame of mind to produce these beautiful works is beyond anything that I could ever think about doing.   

digital art

The piece I liked the most was the first one because it is so abstract.  The way he used thin lines to form the same repetitive shape made his piece look three dimensional and add depth to the piece.  The way it the top piece shrinks down to the smaller bottom piece makes it look possible that it could be floating.  There is a lot going on with all of the lines intertwining yet the piece looks like its weightless hovering in the air.  It makes you question why its floating, The shadows it creates are just as interesting as the piece itself.  If you look at the piece and try to follow one line as far as you can you get lost inside the piece because there is so much depth to it.  The only thing I might change in his work is to add contrasting colors to the piece so that you could see each little individual shape that each line makes.  There's not much that I would want to fix on this piece because I like it so much.  It's so intricate and knowing that he thought about and played with the coding of this piece to form the final result is what interested me most about it.