Monday, April 6, 2015

Identify Yourself

I really liked this reading on many different levels.  On one level the reading is talking about this ever evolving technology of the internet and how it has made us as people slowly evolve with it is very interesting.  On another level the way that this reading is formatted is a representation on how interactive the internet is.  Every paragraph on the left has a related paragraph on the right which moves down the screen and adjust for each paragraph you're reading on the left hand side.  Also, each paragraph has multiple options to click on a video icon that has a video option to watch something that is related to the paragraph you are reading.  This format of this reading in itself is a representation of how the internet works.  It is literally connecting to you to related information as you are reading through the one article.
The paragraph that stood out to me the most was the one that described "The System." It interested me because I am currently taking an operating systems class and everything that I'm learning in that class makes me think very similarly to the ideas written in the paragraph.  The idea that the "we create machines to compensate for our deficiencies and software to translate our ideas into the language of machines." In my operating systems class were learning about everything that goes into an operating system; how processes, threads, and memory works to make the operating system function.  Every job the computer does is delegated to  certain process or thread.  Within a single process the system can delegate threads to carry out individual jobs to make the process work as efficiently as possible.  The base idea behind every process and thread is to allocate and save memory in the best way to reduce the time it takes for a certain process to function.  All of these ideas of an operating system come from the human mind.  We have made this machine that literally acts like the human mind and can lee track of so many different jobs and hold so much more memory that it has become an extension of our mind, and extension of how we store memories and ideas.
The related paragraph asks the question: "Are we losing the richness of our experiences and memories because we know we can depend on blurry iPhone photos to supplement our memories?" I don't think we are.  I do think that some people go overboard trying to capture that memory but I think that people are just adjusting to the technologies they have.  People want to remember the things that have happened in their lives.  They want to look back and physically see the good times that they have had in their lives.  Its a way of traveling through time.  Sure people are looking through the screen of an i phone during a portion of an experience but that's not what their doing the whole time.  In my opinion we as people have created a way to stop time and record it to be saved and stored in an external memory bank that we ourselves have created.  The experiences you have make up who you are and I feel like physically having an image or video of an experience you've had in the past just justifies who you are as a person.  

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